Little Known Goods is a shop of outdoorsy (but cute) stuff that celebrates your adventures near and far 🏕💗

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I'm Hillery—I love finding a life balance of going on adventures and creating art that captures that feeling I have while out on the trail, camping, or exploring new cities with my little family.

My goal is to create something that adds life and color to your wall, water bottle, or hiking pack while also being a conversation starter about places you've been or plan to visit. Each map I design is well researched, mapped out accurately, and then illustrated and labeled by hand—so my maps are a combination of data and art.

I've been working my way through art that reps places I love in my home state (Colorado), earliest home (Florida), and other spots I love exploring throughout the US. I plan to keep adding more locations as well as creating goods that folks anywhere can enjoy. Thanks for checking out my stuff!


Hillery and Drew
Hillery and Drew


There’s something special about well-made physical goods, but we have to ask ourselves if every good is worth making and what the environmental impact of it is. We do everything within our power at Little Known Goods to reduce plastic use and waste, and spend a little extra to invest in sustainable suppliers and materials to not feed into the disposable culture that produces lasting negative impacts.

Evergreen design

We want to limit the amount of products we put in the world rather than pump out disposable designs every season. Every illustrated map takes many hours of research, drawing, and designing because we want to produce timeless design using quality materials. When we print runs, we always look to reduce waste and order only what there’s a demand for.

We also use archival paper, ink, and packaging materials to make sure your purchased art lasts as long as it can.

Eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging

We ship our prints in 100% plastic-free EcoEnclose biodegradable mailers and tape, and noissue sustainable tissue paper and stickers.

Print & packaging partners

  • EcoEnclose biodegradable packing supplies based in Louisville, CO
  • noissue plastic-free, sustainable print protection
  • Native Screen Print, our extremely talented pals based in Orlando, FL
  • Stationery HQ, a family-run California-based print shop
  • EnviroTote, USA made bags cut, printed, and stitched in New Hampshire